Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Beast Within the Wedding

Has anyone ever wondered why the beast in us all seem to come out during weddings. We're like feisty little animals preparing for this special day like we are the ones that are going to be walking down the aisle. Let me just point out a few very important thinks when it comes to weddings. First, even though you aren't the ones getting married you feel just like the bride with regards to picking out your outfit, the shoes, and the accessories to go with it. It's like if you aren't perfect, the wedding wont be perfect. And I have to tell you no one will really care what you are wearing because you aren't the bride. But, maybe subconsciously you want to be. Second, finding the right gift also seems to become a pain in the ass. Why? you might ask, simple because the married couple to be seems to go on a lunatic shopping spree where they pick random stuff that they might and even might not need to see what their friends, family, and other people that they have invited to the wedding will get them. Now I love to shop for other people, and I am not cheap but I think stores and the married couple to be have lost their damn minds when you start charging $50 for 1 single plate, now that plate better be made of gold, be able to wash it self, and better not fade with each and every wash for me to spend $50 bucks for it. Third, getting ready to GO to a wedding is the most stressful seeing as though you seem to think that you have all this time in the world and bam the wedding is like 2 weeks away. Why do we as wedding goers seem to think we are getting married?? Simple because like the bride we want them to have a beautiful day something they will always remember. A wedding is like going to your senior prom, you get all dolled up, you have the dress, the make-up, the shoes, your hair is done, you have picked the prefect date. And bam the prom comes and the prom goes and as we know the prom dress is still in the back of our closet. Unlike brides maids, we can wear our outfits again but still our closets become the cave of the beast within us all. So many the question in us all should be why the hell do we unleash this beast for other people's weddings when in reality we are just guest???