Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Darkness

Mr. Darkness

There is a darkness inside of me
He comes to visit when I am not so free
He holds on tight and never lets go
And makes me believe things I do not know

Mr. Darkness

His eye are red and a blaze of fire
He holds me down and makes me a crier
He lays in wait for a specific date
And answers the questions to my only fate

Mr. Darkness

Has this desire to set me ablaze
And I wonder through the darkened maze
I feel so blue and out of sight
And deep down within me I let out a fright

Mr. Darkness

He consumes me with misplaced rage
And all I want is to be free of this cage
If I were to be honest with a confession
His name is Mr. Darkness better known as my Depression

Mr. Darkness

Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Wear Depends or Not to Wear Depends????

To Wear Depends or Not to Wear Depends, That is the new age question???

When you are born they put a diaper on your ass and a cap on your head and tell you, that you are ready for the world. So for the first two years your parents have to wipe and change your dirty diapers/nappies, whether they be cloth or store bought. By the time age two comes around your parents have become sick and tired of wiping your ass so they stick you on a potty and tell you the porcelian pot is your new way to pee and poo and you are supposed to wipe your own ass. So my question is why go through the trouble of that when as soon as you hit a certain age you ass ends up back in a diaper.

From being swaddled as a child to being a senior citizen and working on depends. There again we become full circle. How we once began is how we will end, so yet again I ask what was the point to potty training?? I guess it all has to do with ones lazy ass parents not wanting to be responsible for wiping your ass for the rest of their days. But I think once you get married in your vows should be:

For richer, or poorer
Through sickness, and in health
Two wipe your ass, as you will wipe my ass for the rest of our days

So in essence the parents will be handing over the baby wipe/toilet wipe along with giving you their daughters had in marriage. So not only will you be wiping each other asses, but if and when you have children you will have to wipe their asses up until the point that you get them married off or until the age of 18 when they get the hell out of your house.

Interesting how everything in life comes full circle and are left like myself pondering the why do we even need to learn things if and when we get older we end up right back where we started which is being swaddled not by a diaper but by a depends because we can't be held responsible for when and if we pee.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hhaha Jokes on You...

I am feeling a little depressed right now so if this is going to get you do too, please don't read any further since I can't be held accountable for my words at the moment.

Ha..ha..Jokes on you,

When you are a young child all you every hear is "Imagine what you would like to be when you grow up" I guess they want to believe that they are giving us hope for our further.

Ha...Ha..Jokes on you,

Since once you become an adult those dreams that you once had for yourself are now longer a dream, it is a different kind of reality, on those damn people that told you to imagine, and dream, never truly explained to you. They forgot to mention that life has a twisted way of making you the running punchline.

Ha...ha..Jokes on you,

You dream about becoming something that will help the world, you study for it, you get that education and you think this is going to get your foot in the door a lot quicker then if you didn't have that education, well that is not the truth. The truth is life doesn't always turn out the way you dreamt it to be.

Ha...ha..Jokes on you,

Life wants to make a joke out of you, so you have to continue laughing. Your insides may feel like crying, you may feel like giving up, you may even not see the light at the end of that very dark tunnel. But I guess that is the real joke. The unknown and how you face it.

Ha...Ha..Jokes on you,

Not this time around Ha...Ha....Ha...Jokes on them because I am stronger for having my dreams, I am wiser for getting that education and best of all I am love for staying in a world that liked to play practical jokes on you every day just to make sure you know that it is no joke to be alive.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Death Of Music!!!

So listening to the radio tends to get me into a lot of trouble because it get the wheels turning in my head and all that is left is the skid marks of my high powered v6 going 110 miles per hour. I want to dedicate this blog posting to all you Music lovers and say that I am the type of music lover that listens to all times of music I am not just set on one style. So what I am about to say might sound harsh but it isn't meant to be, this is solely my opinion on certain things and I am taking the time to blog about it.

To the death of Music, Creativity without the Create

has come at the cost of the eardrums of many, to the creative out look on life is a grim and misguided replica of what it once was. The beat that was once hit by many is so out of whack that whack has become a word found in the dictionary of life.

To the death of Music, No more boy bands

Boy bands have become his signature pile of what ever young teenager from the ages of 13 to 19 aspire to be, why???Who knows all I know is I am tired of listening to the boy bands that can't really sign but think they can with the advancements in technology that make them sound like be-boppin nails on a chalk board rather than regular john doe nails on a chalk board.

To the death of Music, No more Tweens Celebrities Making it big

If you have to ask yourself what the hell a Tween is, then you my friend have discovered the meaning of life. You have discovered that these "Tween Sensation" come out likes wolves in a pack they don't stay too long but they leaving a lasting impression, you know like lice, that has you scratching your head for dear life, and asking yourself why me? Tweens have taking over the airwaves and have left you boppin your head not because you like the music but because you are trying to knock that damn song out of your head since the radio stations have taken it upon themselves to broadcast it until the song is stuck up in your head and you are prayin for a rap song with bitches and hoes so you can be discussed with Music all over again.

To the death of Music, No more Performers

Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of performers out there that are great an all but there comes a time in every ones lives when performers get old and sagginess just doesn't cut it, they need something else to fall back on. You all know who the performers are they all populate and two places and think that there performances make them real singers, that is right peeps, those that have started out as a tad pole and an egg and were spawned from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. The sprout up like weeds and think because the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon made them believe that they were singers actually made them singer. Sorry boys and girls it only makes you performers and then you get picked up by the Tween scene, and then you evaporate into thin air and become apart of the "One Hit Wonder" crew.

To the death of Music, I want my Music back

I want those singers that could belt out a tune without technology enhancing their voices, I want my singers back that didn't really dance but if they had to they got their "sway" on, I want my singers that didn't need to use flashy shyt in the back ground to draw attention to themselves, they used their vows and their souls to convey their hearts desires. Can I get that back or am I stuck in a music-less world, where the beats around me are mechanically engineered through the technological soundwaves of what once was called Music.

Just give me Real Music, is all I ask!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Year Olds Inner Thoughts!!!!

Two year old's have the personality of a grown - up the capacity to learn at the rate of speed, but their energy levels are like pushing crack through your veins. They don't seem to understand that as we adults get older our energy levels aren't what they used to be. So when I say that crack kills I am seriously talking about the amount of energy one most have to keep up with and out smart a two year old. I swear someone needs to figure out the formula that it takes to bottle that crack up and sell it. I feel like I have aged like 40 years within the couple hours that I have hung out with my niece.

My two year old niece is very addictive but then there are moments where you want to give yourself a grown-up time out because you don't have the energy level nor the brain capacity to keep up with them anymore. They are a very interesting at that age because they are learning to say a lot more things but they still have that "Baby Talk" where they say something to you and you just look at them with this confused look on your face because if you say the wrong thing and don't know what the hell you are talking about you can get yourself into some serious trouble. I think since they are still at that age of knowing more then some give them credit for and then some that they minds have developed this secret language called "Adult Manipulation." They babble in that speak where you have no clue as to what they are talking about because they know you have no clue.

The inner workings of a two year old mind is very developed and very structured to certain things. As they get older is when they begin to loose that need to manipulate and begin to learn to understand when to cross the line of manipulation to given into their parents and their wishes. Being around a two year old is very interesting they have this way of just simplifying the hardest things and making the simplest things the hardest things. To be two again, would you go back????