Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Hiring and Firing of Unemployment

I decided to resign from my job a month ago and my last day was particularly a week ago. Here in this moment in time are the thoughts that continually run through my mind as I sit in the same spot that I have been sitting in for the last couple of days. I have always been the type of person that has needed to do something anything and for the past 5 years as a working class stiff I did. I got up every morning at 5:30 and at work by 6am.

But as I sit here now I realize that being a working class stiff has left me spoiled, I was spoiled to the fact that I had something to do from the moment I got up until the moment I came home. I was spoiled to never really having to make too many big decisions of what I was going to do for the day because the work was all ready decided for me, and it made my day go faster or slower depending on the amount of work I had to do. I was spoiled to the fact that as I went to work a lot of individuals stayed home searching through the piles and piles of hiring adds to find the perfect job for themselves. When the reality is no matter how many resumes you send out, how many jobs you apply for, somehow some way you are either too qualified for the job or under qualified for the job.

They tell you the best way to succeed in life is to have a degree behind your name, but what exactly does the degree say, that you decided to stay and school with a goal in mind and once that goal has been accomplished, you will find the job of your dreams. Well people I hate to be the one to crush your dreams but somehow some way, someone has lied to us. They made it seem like if you got the degree and you went after job that you would have a higher or even better chance of getting it. Lie number 1. That Degree is nothing more then a piece a paper to make you feel better about yourself. Lie number 2 is the fact that you put your resume up on Career builders,, or any other website because you have skewered through the piles and piles of job offers and found the job that in your mind you are qualified for.

Ha jokes on you because what happens is you get all these so called “job offers” that are nothing more them spam messages sent to your email with the words, “We have reviewed your resume and we think you are qualified for the following positions.” And after you do further review you come to two very important conclusions, the first being you never applied for that job in that field that you are now being considered for. And two you have just gotten the raw end of the deal because all those job hunting websites are doing is clogging up your email with unwarranted and unwanted job offers that have nothing to do with what you applied for or are looking for in the first place.

So as I it here in the same space that I sat in the day before and the day before that, I begin to realize that being unemployed is a full time job in itself, it’s the job that no one seems to want, but so many seem to be in. It is the one job where you have no control over the day-to-day activities of your life. You get up in the morning and the thoughts that ring through your head are which job am I going to apply for, what big decision must I make in regards to the rest of my life, when will this feeling of having no control over anything fade. How is it I did what “they” told me to do and I still sit here with the biggest decision of my day being what I am going to have for lunch?

The problem with being unemployed is not so much of the being unemployed but the fact that every decision you make doesn’t get you paid. You make so many decisions in one day that you could probably be the CEO of a fortune 500 companies with all the decisions one has to make. You sit and you wonder about all the things you could be doing, or would like to be doing and by the end of the day, you try o hard not to close your eyes because the next day will be like today and the day before. The only difference is you will fill out 500 more job applications, co through a temp. agency, or even apply for a job you are way over qualified for just so that you can spend just a few hours out of the house away from the millions of thoughts roaming through your head. And its not so much the reject that begins to play mind games on you but the mind games you play with yourself.

You begin to ponder if you made the right choices in your life, or if you made the right decision to quit a perfectly good job because you were no longer happier and it wasn’t fulfilling enough for you. But even though money can’t buy you happiness, apparently it can buy you your sanity back. It can give you the stability that you once had in yourself and those around you. But then again if you aren’t happy at your job, productivity decreases and you end up getting fired in the long run. But the upside to be “let go” “terminated” is that you can go on unemployment until you find another job. Well lucky you because your lazy butt didn’t want to do the job you were hired for you get “let go” and you get the privilege of someone else fitting the bill for you. But hard working individual like myself has to weed through the crappy job offers, pimp themselves out like some cheap piece of meat to get a job.

The problem that I find myself in at the moment is everyone seems to be hiring but no one wants to hire. Its like are you kidding me, you have jobs on the internet that have been listed for months and they still haven’t hired anyone, the question isn’t are you not qualified enough, the question is what do I have to do for you to hire me for the job? What qualities are you looking for that will give me the chance I need to show you that I can not only do the job, but I can do the job the way the job needs to be done to get you as a company the best results. How do I make you hire me without me having to sell my self and my soul to the highest bidder? I want the job but I have enough integrity to know when to stop pushing you into hiring me. But thanks anyway for the opportunity because instead of you rejecting me, I will reject you. I as an unemployed individual have the same hiring and firing powers that you have. So take that!!!

So to all those that are unemployed that want to hire and fire those that don’t want to hire them for one reason or another, I say more power to you. You do what you have to do and hopefully at the end of the day you can say I might not have a job, or the self esteem that I once had, but I still have the power of hiring and firing those that aren’t willing to jut give me a chance. Because basically peeps that is all it truly takes, a chance and the rest is in your hands.

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