Friday, October 15, 2010

Hhaha Jokes on You...

I am feeling a little depressed right now so if this is going to get you do too, please don't read any further since I can't be held accountable for my words at the moment.

Ha..ha..Jokes on you,

When you are a young child all you every hear is "Imagine what you would like to be when you grow up" I guess they want to believe that they are giving us hope for our further.

Ha...Ha..Jokes on you,

Since once you become an adult those dreams that you once had for yourself are now longer a dream, it is a different kind of reality, on those damn people that told you to imagine, and dream, never truly explained to you. They forgot to mention that life has a twisted way of making you the running punchline.

Ha...ha..Jokes on you,

You dream about becoming something that will help the world, you study for it, you get that education and you think this is going to get your foot in the door a lot quicker then if you didn't have that education, well that is not the truth. The truth is life doesn't always turn out the way you dreamt it to be.

Ha...ha..Jokes on you,

Life wants to make a joke out of you, so you have to continue laughing. Your insides may feel like crying, you may feel like giving up, you may even not see the light at the end of that very dark tunnel. But I guess that is the real joke. The unknown and how you face it.

Ha...Ha..Jokes on you,

Not this time around Ha...Ha....Ha...Jokes on them because I am stronger for having my dreams, I am wiser for getting that education and best of all I am love for staying in a world that liked to play practical jokes on you every day just to make sure you know that it is no joke to be alive.

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