Sunday, October 17, 2010

To Wear Depends or Not to Wear Depends????

To Wear Depends or Not to Wear Depends, That is the new age question???

When you are born they put a diaper on your ass and a cap on your head and tell you, that you are ready for the world. So for the first two years your parents have to wipe and change your dirty diapers/nappies, whether they be cloth or store bought. By the time age two comes around your parents have become sick and tired of wiping your ass so they stick you on a potty and tell you the porcelian pot is your new way to pee and poo and you are supposed to wipe your own ass. So my question is why go through the trouble of that when as soon as you hit a certain age you ass ends up back in a diaper.

From being swaddled as a child to being a senior citizen and working on depends. There again we become full circle. How we once began is how we will end, so yet again I ask what was the point to potty training?? I guess it all has to do with ones lazy ass parents not wanting to be responsible for wiping your ass for the rest of their days. But I think once you get married in your vows should be:

For richer, or poorer
Through sickness, and in health
Two wipe your ass, as you will wipe my ass for the rest of our days

So in essence the parents will be handing over the baby wipe/toilet wipe along with giving you their daughters had in marriage. So not only will you be wiping each other asses, but if and when you have children you will have to wipe their asses up until the point that you get them married off or until the age of 18 when they get the hell out of your house.

Interesting how everything in life comes full circle and are left like myself pondering the why do we even need to learn things if and when we get older we end up right back where we started which is being swaddled not by a diaper but by a depends because we can't be held responsible for when and if we pee.

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