Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Death Of Music!!!

So listening to the radio tends to get me into a lot of trouble because it get the wheels turning in my head and all that is left is the skid marks of my high powered v6 going 110 miles per hour. I want to dedicate this blog posting to all you Music lovers and say that I am the type of music lover that listens to all times of music I am not just set on one style. So what I am about to say might sound harsh but it isn't meant to be, this is solely my opinion on certain things and I am taking the time to blog about it.

To the death of Music, Creativity without the Create

has come at the cost of the eardrums of many, to the creative out look on life is a grim and misguided replica of what it once was. The beat that was once hit by many is so out of whack that whack has become a word found in the dictionary of life.

To the death of Music, No more boy bands

Boy bands have become his signature pile of what ever young teenager from the ages of 13 to 19 aspire to be, why???Who knows all I know is I am tired of listening to the boy bands that can't really sign but think they can with the advancements in technology that make them sound like be-boppin nails on a chalk board rather than regular john doe nails on a chalk board.

To the death of Music, No more Tweens Celebrities Making it big

If you have to ask yourself what the hell a Tween is, then you my friend have discovered the meaning of life. You have discovered that these "Tween Sensation" come out likes wolves in a pack they don't stay too long but they leaving a lasting impression, you know like lice, that has you scratching your head for dear life, and asking yourself why me? Tweens have taking over the airwaves and have left you boppin your head not because you like the music but because you are trying to knock that damn song out of your head since the radio stations have taken it upon themselves to broadcast it until the song is stuck up in your head and you are prayin for a rap song with bitches and hoes so you can be discussed with Music all over again.

To the death of Music, No more Performers

Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of performers out there that are great an all but there comes a time in every ones lives when performers get old and sagginess just doesn't cut it, they need something else to fall back on. You all know who the performers are they all populate and two places and think that there performances make them real singers, that is right peeps, those that have started out as a tad pole and an egg and were spawned from the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. The sprout up like weeds and think because the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon made them believe that they were singers actually made them singer. Sorry boys and girls it only makes you performers and then you get picked up by the Tween scene, and then you evaporate into thin air and become apart of the "One Hit Wonder" crew.

To the death of Music, I want my Music back

I want those singers that could belt out a tune without technology enhancing their voices, I want my singers back that didn't really dance but if they had to they got their "sway" on, I want my singers that didn't need to use flashy shyt in the back ground to draw attention to themselves, they used their vows and their souls to convey their hearts desires. Can I get that back or am I stuck in a music-less world, where the beats around me are mechanically engineered through the technological soundwaves of what once was called Music.

Just give me Real Music, is all I ask!!!!

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